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Respetaremos Sex Abstinence Project

Contact: Rena Roberts, Community Coordinator
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Managing Pressures for Teens Sex Abstinence Program


  • Three million teens get an STD every year.
  • One out of every four people currently contacting HIV is a teenager.
  • About one million teenaged girls become pregnant every year.
  • Alcohol and drug use can increase the likelihood of becoming sexually active.
  • More than 50% of teens aged 13-17 are sexually ABSTINENT.

Variety of Programs Available:

  • Pre-teen Program for ages 10-13 years (Middle School).
  • Teen Program for ages 14-18 years (High School).
  • Creative Writing Components.

Program Goals:

  • Learn the benefits of sexual abstinence.
  • Learn the consequences of teen sex.
  • Learn goal-setting strategies and skills.
  • Learn decision-making strategies.
  • Identify various sources of pressure (social, peer, media, internal).
  • Learn creative problem-solving skills.
  • Learn and practice refusal skills.

Being sexually abstinent:

  • Allows you to focus on yourself, your future, your goals.
  • Reduces the number of stressors teens have (social, psychological, financial and health related).
  • Encourages teens to set personal boundaries.
  • Encourages teens to take responsibility for their behavior.
  • Gives you better control over your body, emotions and future.

Luz Social Services, Inc. in a collaboration with Pima Prevention Partnership has received funds to conduct an Abstinence Only Education Program. The program is funded through the Arizona Department of Health Services Office of Women’s and Children’s Health. Luz was initially funded to provide 95 units and recently received 32 additional units. This is the first year that Luz Academy has been funded in this service area.

Goals and Objectives
The program is based on providing preteens, teens and parents with techniques to enhance their communication skills about abstinence until marriage, healthy relationships, and provide youth with skills on managing the pressures that come with growing up. The five-hour class series’ are provided using three approved curriculums: Managing Pressures Before Marriage for PreteensManaging Pressures Before Marriage for Teens, and Plain Talk for Parents. The classes include video vignettes, hands on activities, discussion, and role-plays. The two youth series’ include surveys to gather information about their knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about abstinence, sex relationships and their personal experiences.