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San Manuel Office
101 Avenue B
San Manuel, AZ 85631
Phone: 520-385-3028
Fax: 520-385-3029
Superior Office
199 Lobb Avenue, PO Box 276
Superior AZ 85273
Phone: 520-689-2985

Adelante Juntos Coalition is a project of Luz Social Services, Inc. funded by the Department of Justice through the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. The Coalition is comprised of concerned individuals from nine mining communities (Oracle, San Manuel, Mammoth, Winkelman, Hayden, Kearny, Superior, Miami, Globe) who are interested in problems/issues affecting youth. Adelante Juntos Coalition focuses on prevention efforts relating to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, teen pregnancy, gangs and education. Some communities need technical assistance and trainings on community mobilization and development. The Adelante Juntos Coalition steering committee is comprised of grassroots community motivators who want to make a difference. These steering committee members represent schools, local mental health and substance abuse agencies, governments, law enforcement, clergy, businesses, local residents, and youth. The steering committee functions as an advisory board for the partnership. This helps direct the efforts of Adelante Juntos to meet the community needs.

Adelante Juntos Coalition values the youth of the communities. These youth are a very important component of the success of Adelante Juntos. They provide youth input and awareness to identify and address issues affecting them daily that may be otherwise overlooked. Adelante Juntos also tries to empower the youth by developing their leadership skills.

Adelante Juntos Coalition oversees the direct services prevention activities to provide opportunities to the communities which encourage and promote community mobilization and development while maintaining drug-free and healthy choices for youths. Adelante Juntos Coalition staff provides technical assistance on grant projects and offers presentations/trainings to the communities at large. For more information, e-mail [email protected].

Adelante Juntos Programs
  • Adelante Juntos Superior Prevention Resource Center
  • Adelante Juntos Coalition Life Skills Training Program
  • Familias Unidas Program
  • Media Literacy

Please see the staff on the staff page.