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Barrio Families Program

Contact: Mary Ornelas, Barrio Families Coordinator
E-mail: [email protected]
Maria Estela Chavez, Barrio Liaison
Marina Pallanes, Barrio Liaison

Luz Southside Partnership
3819 South Evans, Suite 304
Tucson, AZ 85714
(520) 294-7620
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The Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities program has been implemented with 56 parents. For summer 2000, 11 parents graduated from the program. In Fall 2000, 19 parents graduated from the program, in Spring 2001, 13 parents graduated from the program, and in the Summer of 2001, another 13 parents completed successfully. In the Fall of 2002 14, parents graduated. In the Winter of 2003 10 parents completed the program. The Barrio Families has a very active group that is doing continuation work after graduation. They are very active in the southside community, and participate in many agency events.

Currently there are two parenting classes being held. We are trying to provide more services in the community by offering morning and afternoon classes.